Marco Beach Destination Wedding Logistics and Helpful Hints

The great thing about a destination wedding is that you get to spend more time with your guests. You will see them in restaurants, around the pool, and on the resort grounds. It’s a way for a couple to share intimate, quality time with their guests.


Take Care of your Guests

  • Make sure to give information on the nearest airports and transportation options.
  • Welcome them to your wedding with a personally designed amenity bag that includes everything they need for the destination: sunblock, snacks, maps, and travel guides are just a few suggestions. A hand-written personal note welcoming your guests is a great and welcome addition.
  • Discover if anyone has special needs and make sure to get them addressed.
  • Make sure to let them know the ceremony will be on the beach so they can be prepared.

The Details Make All the Difference

  • Find out the marriage license requirements at the Collier county clerk’s office.
  • Make sure to make time for the two of you! With friends and relatives arriving for your big day, they will also want to spend a lot of time with you. Get down time with your fiancé by planning a couple’s massage, morning day trip, or shopping excursion just for the two of you.
  • Arrive a few days before the festivities to give yourself time for small last-minute details. That way you will be able to relax and enjoy the time with your guests.
  • “Save the Dates” are a must! It gives your guests time to budget and plan for traveling to your wedding.
  • Make sure you send out your invitations at least eight weeks before the wedding.
  • Check with your airline ahead of time on how you can travel with your wedding dress.
  • Create a Pinterest board to share your vision with your vendors.
  • A Meet and Greet the day before the wedding is a great way for your guests to see each other before the big day.
  • Get everyone excited about your wedding destination! Have a wedding website that highlights the destination, local attractions, airports, transportation options, and any group activities you may have planned.

A Few Beach Wedding Tips

  • Remind guests to bring sunglasses. They will be facing west and into the sun – no squinting allowed!
  • Providing something fun to dust the sand off everyone’s feet is great, like small soft paint brushes. Another option is to provide flip flops or a beach shoe butler.
  • Balmy beach breezes can always be expected. Make sure your attire and hair are comfortable. Weddings on the beach have a relaxed, natural feel but if wind directions change, you won’t want your hair getting in the way of your special day. Ask your hairstylist about options that might keep your tresses somewhat pulled back or out of your face if the breeze shifts.
  • Think platform if you want to wear those Jimmy Choo heels or just go “barefoot” with bejeweled barefoot sandals.
  • Hand fans are great for cooling things down.
  • Have a little bag ready for after the ceremony to touch up makeup before taking those fabulous sunset pictures.